North Korea: aquatic business well Production is expected to continue to increase
On May 29, according to north Korea "labor news" reported that north Korea urn tianjin coastal aquaculture firm made a lot of effort to seafood production, use the factory original seafood production equipment, efforts to achieve this year's set higher seafood production task. 
Seafood breeding team responsible for fish farms and facilities of the factory, water management, seaweed and other seafood planting, etc, to increase production of aquatic products have not relax. Kelp breeding workers accurate daily production records kelp, looks like the watch kelp, strive for realizing excess production in May. 
Workers in fish farming, fishing and aquaculture office workers work together, to all kinds of fishing equipment preparation is complete, accurate judgement about the weather and fishing grounds, to ensure that in the most appropriate time accurate to sea fishing seafood. Fishery workers often tirelessly investigation of flow condition on the sea, to understand the life of different fish. Fishing crew of workers in order to be able to make all kinds of fishing methods play a better role, also invented a lot of fishing tools independently. 
Aquaculture firm in April was 10% higher than the original plan, good aquaculture career, may also are expected to finish the original plan, and is expected to increase production.