Canada: the stagnation of Atlantic lobster
Atlantic Canada lobster seafood lovers tend to scale as a "sea king". Canadian lobster not only taste delicious is suitable for a variety of cooking methods, and rich in high grade protein. It is also known as the Atlantic lobster, Canadian red lobster, lobster or northern Maine lobster, but no matter what he called, as long as you personally taste its delicious, would agree with the reputation of the king of the seafood. 
Canadian international broadcasting station reported that every year in May is usually a Canadian lobster season, however, the lobster season this year seems particularly "long overdue". 
On the Atlantic coast of nova scotia, lobster to a standstill, and in the province of prince Edward island, some fishermen can't out to sea fishing seafood. In nova scotia, fishermen informed lobster too much, no one to buy, so they put the fishing has been postponed to later this week. In prince Edward island, the fishermen are not out to sea because seafood processing factory labor shortages, seafood processing factory said, because not enough workers in factories, they can't keep up with the speed of the Marine fishing. Fishermen says Bruce, lobster buyers told him, now the main problem is lack of manpower in the factories, hire some foreign temporary the problems in the process of examination and approval.