Spain's on the tip of the tongue: black beans mixed paella defending the secret
Rapid development of the World Cup, the pursuit of defending the Spaniard is more urgent, is to stick to the traditional, or make a change, this is a problem. Madrid, Spain, the capital of characteristics of the city. Diego - costa, the 25-year-old striker. God front of atletico Madrid, is a kind of spread 20 years of buying and selling art, Christian vieri, Jimmy Floyd hasselbaink, fernando torres, aguero and diego forlan, falcao, untold story, all by a check. 
Black soya bean meal, diego - costa will not feel strange. This is one of the most common dishes in Brazil, black beans with pig's feet, sausage, bacon and other ingredients together braised stew. For costa was born in Brazil, hometown, this let his soul with the dream of the flavor of black soya bean meal. With it's company, tough days, as if also become warm, rich flavor. 
But today is a popular choice is different, he will enjoy is a special kind of staple food: paella. Paella originated in Spain, this is a long history of traditional dishes. Through air to gen is 7000 kilometers in the most amazing way communicate with fresh squid, scallops and shrimp, white wine and a small fire stock also always cook for 30 minutes. Saffron, is the essence of paella, if lack of it, this is a dish on the table. It has a special aroma, the rice dyed golden color, this is the color of the harvest, but also the color of champions. 
From valencia to Barcelona, paella, it has become the Spaniard's way of life, like tiki - taka in football. Collisions in the air, the golden rice and fresh food materials out of fragrance, and taste buds, twisted, that is a favorite of xavi, David silva. But Spain coach vicente del bosque could not immersed in the thick nostalgia, he have more important things to do. 
Most of the food, they are all different ingredient combinations, collision fissionability wonders. Vicente del bosque, intends to create a "new food". Unlike most of the coach, he knows how to improve the squad to win the game. Now Spain "paella" has not the beautiful outlook, but this does not prevent vicente del bosque to innovate by means of the sublime, add element of a fresh ingredients in them, the ancient food coruscate gives new vitality. And the newly added costa brand "black", is his mix choice. 
Defending the secrets of surface is black beans and paella how to mix the art. After all, is nothing more than the players and the players, players and harmonious relations between the tactical. Because diego - costa domestication, because vicente del bosque to center, is so, defending the ultimate secret is - there is no secret.