The first four months of this year all kinds of shrimp products imported from Japan by 18%
According to Intrafish June 17 reported: since the beginning of the year the Japanese authorities stepped up to Vietnam shrimp imports of terramycin content after test, the speculation in Japan this year will increase the import of shrimp to India and Indonesia. The first four months of this year, however, shrimp exports to Japan are still in Vietnam's first major suppliers. April 1 - this year Vietnam shrimp to Japan's exports of 13487 tons, than the same period in 2013, 22559 tons, fell by 40.2%. 
The first four months of this year Japan shrimp imports accumulation volume of 59391 tons, than the same period last year, 72835 tons, fell by 18.4%. In 10 major supplier, only Argentina shrimp exports to Japan has obvious increase, the supply of 7971 tons, than the same period in 2013, 4095 tons, up 94.6%. 
Vietnam exports of aquatic products and manufacturers association, said although the Vietnam enjoy zero tariff shrimp exports to Japan, but Japan strengthen the detection of antibiotics and other biological agent content, a serious impediment to Vietnam shrimp export trade with Japan. In may, as exports to Japan of Vietnam shrimp terramycin levels had dropped to 0.2 PPM, the content is March 4 PPM, April 1 PPM.