More fish than fish nutrition
Europe microphone gamma 3 fatty acids, taurine content was high, the heart and brain protection role

     Fish overall high nutritional value

     As the name suggests, fish and marine fish biggest difference lies in the growth of their environment. Professor Wang told reporters, in fact, strictly speaking, the fish should be called freshwater fish, a common carp, crucian carp, grass carp, silver carp, Wuchang fish, tilapia, mud eel; fish, including fish, tuna, Huanghuayu large and small Huanghuayu, Bayu-as well as salmon and fish more.
       He said that, regardless of freshwater fish or fish, the nutritional components substantially the same, the overall nutritional value high. First, the protein-rich fish, which contains essential amino acid ratio and the amount of the most suitable body need, and therefore, which is a good source of protein intake. Second, the fat content in fish less, and many of unsaturated fatty acid composition of the human body absorption rate of 95%, with lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases role. Thirdly, the meat is rich in minerals, such as iron, phosphorus, calcium; fish in the liver contains a lot of vitamin A and vitamin D.

     In addition, fish muscle fiber is very short, high moisture content, tender meat, and poultry meat more than absorption. Professor Wang pointed out that, with a high nutritional value but not easily absorbed than the food, and fish on people's health better.

     Fish nutrition, flavor edge

     Almost nutrients, it does not mean that the nutritional value of the two completely the same. Prof Wang believes that the fish in the nutritional components in more than fish, the nutritional value of edge.

     He said that the extremely rich nautical miles nutrition, in particular contains a lot of nutrients, minerals and fish in a higher vitamin content. In addition, the Liver Oil and fish oil containing a body on land plants and animals do not have a high degree of saturated fatty acids, which contain known as DHA (commonly known as brain gold) component, the brain is essential nutrients, improving memory and the ability to think is very important. In addition, fish in the European microphone gamma 3 fatty acids, taurine content much higher than freshwater fish, heart and brain has a protective effect.

     From the flavor, the flavor of fish than River. Professor Wang pointed out that this is because the fish swimming at the scope and intensity than swimming fish, it better flexibility in the muscles, natural taste. Yuchi up in the river and soil flavor stocks, as they grow more humic water quality. Such an environment suitable for breeding of actinomycetes bacteria through invasive fish gills of fish blood and secrete a flavor of the brown soil with substances such soil flavor in the cooking process it is difficult to remove.

     Fish steamed with soil flavor

     Speaking of eating, Professor Wang said that the fish all ages, and steamed, stewed and the practices are appropriate. Because carp fish in the growing long, succulent soft, high nutritional value for the elderly, children and pregnant women eat. But carp, silver carp and other freshwater fish, steamed, it is difficult to cover up its soil smell, taste far worse than the fish.

     He reminded everyone that the best fish to eat cooked food, raw food because Anisakiasis infection caused severe abdominal pain and allergy; eat freshwater fish depends on its pollution is not from the salvage of the water, contaminated fish contain toxins, will cause harm to health.