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December 15, "The New York Times" published an article entitled "China's water fish poisoning (InChina, FarmingFishinToxicWaters)," the article, a number of newspapers and websites were reproduced. The article reported the individual parts of China's coastal waters environmental pollution and aquaculture, but inferred from the title of "China's water fish poisoning" conclusions. Culture Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries Agency Director DING Xiao-ming believes that this is purely an alarmist, seriously mislead the world public, is very irresponsible.
DING Xiao-ming said that the drug can not fish in water, poisoning the water simply do not support fish, this is a common sense. China is the world's rural culture, as early as more than 3,000 years ago began to fish, our ancestors created a wide range of health and ecological farming model. 1958 China summed up some water, species of bait, dense, mixed, rotation, prevention and control "culture of horoscopes law." "Water" as the primary factor in breeding, including water resources, water quality, water depth and water capacity of the surrounding environment, and so on, must be consistent with the fish culture conditions, otherwise unable to fish growth. To ensure the safety of aquatic products breeding, China has drawn up a "fishing water quality standard," and "Freshwater Aquaculture water standards" and "mariculture water standards" and "quality standards at the end of the pond" to prohibit the culture do not meet water quality standards regional construction breeding facilities for aquacultural production activities. Due to serious pollution of the water quality standards less than some breeding waters close to the waters, and remove the breeding facilities suitable for aquaculture transferred to the regional development measures. In addition, to ensure that qualified aquaculture origin, developed a culture shoal waters functional planning, will be designated as regional pollution Ban Yang district, and on pollution-free production finds that the aquacultural production in the regional water quality control provisions standards.
In recent years, with domestic and international consumers of seafood quality requirements and the improvement of market testing standards, China has taken effective measures to enhance the quality and safety of aquatic products rectification. The Ministry of Agriculture in the 2006 National organizations promoting aquaculture operations in the demonstration zone to create healthy aquaculture activities, and vigorously promote the ecological, health breeding mode, improve the quality and safety of controlled producer capacity, and further improve farming conditions, sound aquacultural production management system. China's aquacultural production conditions have been greatly improved, more water quality protection and breeding of aquatic products quality and safety standards improved remarkably. To tie in with promoting aquaculture operations, in 2007, 18 counties in 14 provinces (autonomous regions) to implement the National Fisheries Technology Demonstration Project homes, demonstration area of over 220 mu, technical percentage of over 95%, greatly improving the farmers farming technology and quality safety awareness.
DING Xiao-ming said, China's aquaculture use of drugs and other inputs also strict management of the aquatic Drug Residues conduct strict monitoring. The Ministry of Agriculture has promulgated the "food animal veterinary drugs and other prohibited list of compounds," "animal-derived products veterinary drug residue limits," and introduced the "quality and safety of aquaculture management," which require farmers to strengthen seeds, water, medication, diet control, and other areas. In the 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), the establishment of the fisheries environment, disease control, and aquatic products quality inspection center, and under the state's Drug Residues monitoring mission, in 2006 to focus on strengthening the banned drug testing, sampling a total of 5,479 samples, involving 22 provinces ( regions and municipalities), 19 kinds of aquatic products, with a pass rate of 98.6%. Strengthen law enforcement control, strengthening the retrospective unqualified products, products of each case failed to track sampling, farmers in violation of the law punishable by law. 2007, in accordance with the overall deployment of the State Council, the Ministry of Agriculture organized and implemented a seafood Drug Residues special campaign to strengthen the pollution-free farm, health and culture district of the small farmers to improve the intensity and standardize drug, 27 organizations of Quality Supervision, Inspection bodies of 29 provinces (regions and municipalities) of aquaculture farms in the supervision and checking of cross-Drug Residues, and aquatic origin sampling Drug Residues overall pass rate for four consecutive years maintained at above 97%. China's annual exports of aquatic products of about 2.7 million tons, according to AQSIQ statistics, the export of aquatic products examination pass rate remained at 98%. May 2007, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspected China to the United States I shellfish seafood quality and safety, informative survey of the shellfish harvesting areas, processing and export testing laboratories, product quality and safety, I shellfish satisfied with the state to allow related products to export to the United States. September 19, the FDA announced that it would Guangdong Zhanjiang Guolian Aquatic Limited measures to restrict imports from the elimination of the normal customs clearance.
To sum up, China's aquaculture and aquatic environment, there are strict quality and safety control and management, aquaculture environment is generally good, the overwhelming majority of breeding aquatic products are safe, can be assured consumption. Of course, our local waters exist the problem of environmental pollution, aquaculture individual who, motivated by profit, have not attach importance to the environment and water quality standards do not use the situation to completely resolve these issues a lot of work needs to be done. We welcome the media to our work by the good opinions and suggestions, but opposed to any irresponsible and distorted to exaggerate the facts and mislead the people of publicity and reports.