Beihai leading enterprises in
Beihai leading enterprises in the process of promoting the fishing industry
     Beihai City, Guangxi aquatic cultivation by enabling leading enterprises so that the "production - processing - export" more complete industry chain, aquaculture competitiveness in the international market continuously improve, processed aquatic products exports increased by big margins. 2007, the city's total aquatic product processing 370,000 tons, the output value of 2.9 billion yuan processing, and aquatic products export processing 37,000 tons (including indirect exports), and earned 105 million US dollars, up 11.51 percent and 11.4 percent.
     In recent years, Beihai City of superiority based on industry and standardization of development, prominent leader driven effect, support and nurturing from the start with leading enterprises and the readjustment and optimization of the product mix, and vigorously promote the industrialization process of fisheries, aquaculture industry and promote seafood export processing industry development, effectively improving the advantages of the industrial operation, and the promotion of the health of the fishing industry's sustained economic development. In 2007 the city's total output of aquatic products reached 983,000 tons, up 1.9 percent; aquatic products output 5.65 billion yuan, an increase of 13.3 percent, accounting for the city's large 54% of the total agricultural output value. Among them, the city's aquaculture output 465,000 tons, the output value of 2.13 billion yuan, respectively, over the previous year rose 8.1 percent and 15.8 percent, aquaculture accounted for the fishing industry to raise the proportion of the total 47.3%; aquaculture area of the city's 59.36 million mu, with the rose 1.2 percent.
     The past, the Beihai City tilapia and shrimp culture is a one of the few breeding, especially within the regional tilapia deep low processing capacity, technical rough, could not reach the international market, failed to open the door to foreign sales, resulting in Romania No fish farming out non-acquisition, hurt farmers farming enthusiasm, thereby failing to form industrial operation, and seriously hampering the economic development of the fishing industry. In recent years, the North Sea through investment and cultivate aquatic leading enterprises, increase in industrial work, and aquatic products processing enterprises in the city's rapid development, at present, aquatic products processing enterprises has reached 80, of which the export of aquatic products processing enterprises 27. Have created a national, autonomous regions of the aquaculture industry 12 leading enterprises, and effectively promote the process of the fisheries industry. Through nurturing support in Beihai City Aquatic leading enterprises led radiation capacity has markedly strengthened, and internal and external linking, more than 35,000 farmers and fisheries, promote aquaculture and aquatic product processing industry the vigorous development of the export trade, greatly promoting the process of the city's fishing industry . The city's development shrimp, tilapia, Channel Catfish advantage of cultured species, such as aquaculture and has become the leading export-processing products, has become the main fishermen opportunities to increase revenue. 2007 is expected to edge of the city's total area of 19.92 million mu culture, a total of 72,700 tons, the total output value of 1.524 billion yuan, respectively, of the city's aquaculture area of 38%, 29% of the total output, 37 per cent of GDP.
     In the aquatic cultivation support leading enterprises, and promote the development of the advantages of the North Sea to aquatic product processing requirements for the reference point to actively promote the standardization of aquaculture production. Leading enterprises directly to the farmers for breeding technology, the use of drugs, market information, and other guidance, training and public awareness, and actively participate in farming source management, and vigorously promote standardization of culture, and standardized the farmers farming, from the source to protect the source of raw materials Health and safety, so as to effectively ensure that the quality of aquaculture products processing. Right now, the city has established 52 export of aquatic products raw materials base, completed an aquatic organic food demonstration, 18 aquatic pollution-free production and the recognition of 12 product certification, the core area of 6.5 ha, a leading area of 19.1 hectares .