Marine Nature Reserve in Sanya
To implement the "Marine Nature Reserve on further standardize the management of development activities in a number of views," and effectively solve Sanya Coral Reef National Nature Reserve in the illegal development activities, the supervisor Corps in China years ago and organized a national Sanya Coral Reef Conservation District special enforcement action.

     As leaders attach importance to the careful organization and deployment of a four-day special enforcement operations have achieved the desired effect.

Conduct the special enforcement action is the peak tourist seasons in Sanya City, in order to not affect tourism in Sanya City to the smooth economic development, but also to ensure that the effectiveness of the special enforcement operations, the China Sea Supervisor Corps leadership went to the scene to understand the situation, and on many occasions Organization Hainan Ocean and Fishery Department, the Sanya city government, the China Sea Supervisor China Sea and the South China Sea Corps Supervisor Hainan Corps, and other units will coordinate the participation of the leadership, carried out the special enforcement action programme carried out in-depth research, and set up a special enforcement action Leading Group for the successful completion of the special law enforcement task laid a solid foundation.

The operation to the South China Sea Corps Supervisor China Sea, Hainan Province China Sea Supervisor Corps and the China Sea Supervisor Sanya City detachment, and other law enforcement supervisor three-way joint law enforcement team, Sanya Coral Reef National Nature Reserve in the Yalong Bay, the East China Sea , the small East China Sea, Luhuitou Bay and the West Island area on a large-scale inspection of law enforcement has in the protected areas for tourism development activities Sanya Luhuitou emerging sports recreation Limited, Sanya Universal Entertainment limited liability company, Hainan Airlines TIES Development Corporation 10 domestic enterprises sea conducted a comprehensive investigation. In the enforcement action, with the enterprise initiative with law enforcement officers, law enforcement officers adhere to the law enforcement supervisor with the publicity and education combined, the results achieved in the special enforcement at the same time, the supervisor has set a good image of the contingent.