"Digital Ocean" and the establ
July 10 morning, "Digital Ocean" Expert Advisory Committee in Beijing set up and held its first working session. The meeting considered the specialist advisory committee responsibilities and the rules of procedure, listen to the "digital marine" information based on the framework of the overall progress made in building on the "Digital Ocean" programme of work and the construction of the demonstration zone in Shanghai ideas and content. State Oceanic Administration Chen Lianzeng, deputy director of the meeting and made an important speech.
Chen Lianzeng, deputy director pointed out that the building of China's "Digital Ocean" is a huge, complex systems engineering project. At present, the work has been gradually moving toward in-depth, the "digital marine" information based on the framework of a comprehensive Construction has also entered the construction phase. To this end, there is an urgent need to further strengthen the construction of macroeconomic policy-making and guidance, co-ordinate properly solve the "digital marine" in the construction of various contradictions and problems. Set up a "Digital Ocean" expert Advisory Committee on purpose, that is, experts on the "Digital Ocean" in the general planning of network construction, software development, systems security, standards and norms, such as specific advice, feasibility studies and evaluation of comments, suggestions, and ensure that the "digital marine "Building to scientific and standardized and orderly way. Chen Lianzeng, deputy director of hope that the newly-established "Digital Ocean" expert Advisory Committee to be a good decision-making staff, the provision of technical advice and do a good job of gatekeeper.

It is understood that the "digital marine" The Advisory Committee is in the "special 908" leading group, under the leadership of the advisory body, the State Oceanic Administration "special 908" office responsible for its day-to-day work of the organizations and services. The first session of the Advisory Committee of experts from 19 well-known domestic academicians, experts, Dr plot by the East China Normal University as director of HSBC academicians, the National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center Chao Jiping, deputy director of the academicians. For a period of four years. The Commission will adopt a "peacetime dispersed, the necessary focus on" operating mode, a project advisory, "the one the invitation of the discussions" approach.

The ongoing "908 Project" is to achieve "Digital Ocean" key objectives of the construction, China's "Digital Ocean" to provide rich and the establishment of a system based on marine data and results. "Project 908" Project 03 "digital marine" information is the basic framework for the construction of China's "Digital Ocean," the first phase of a mission, the work can be carried out for the realization of the future "Digital Ocean" unified leadership and unified planning and technical standards , a unified system platforms and unified organization of the implementation of the strategic objectives lay the foundation.